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January 2021

Internationally important wildlife making its home in North East Lincolnshire

MORE than 30 internationally important bird species have made their home at the South Humber bank’s award-winning wildlife mitigation site in the last four months. Proving the value of purpose-built wetland areas, which allow industry and nature to thrive side-by-side,…

1 year ago
New Garth Lane footbridge under construction

THE huge structures that will together form Garth Lane’s new centrepiece footbridge are being constructed at a specialist workshop. By the end of March, the new bridge will be in position across the River Freshney as the £3.5m grant-funded transformation…

1 year ago
Fishermen’s Memorial Statue returns to St James Square

GRIMSBY’S fishing community and its supporters have welcomed the return of the town’s Fishermen’s Memorial Statue to St James’ Square as the transformation of this key public space reaches its final stages. They have also highlighted the memorial’s importance and…

1 year ago
Wildlife to benefit from Novartis legacy

A LEGACY to Novartis Grimsby will take the shape of a unique wildlife site, which will provide industrial opportunity along the South Humber Bank in the decades ahead. When the pharmaceutical giant leaves the town in December 2021 after 70-years…

1 year ago
Historic England, Heritage Action Zones logo
CREATivE stART to apply for Heritage Grant

THE Great Escape, a venue where creativity inspires people to achieve their dreams, is planning to further its work on Grimsby docks’ historic Kasbah with the help of a heritage grant. With its main base within the Conservation Area, the…

1 year ago