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Why North East Lincolnshire

North East Lincolnshire is an area of much diversity and opportunity offering significant future potential. This includes large areas of developable land that can support sector growth and investment. The borough sits on the East Coast of England at the mouth of the Humber Estuary, an important global gateway. The Port of Immingham and Grimsby, the largest port complex in the country and the fourth largest in Europe, is of international trading significance.

Chemicals, manufacturing, port activities and food processing have formed the main economic base of the borough since the decline of the fishing industry in the 1970s. The area has also now emerged as a key location for renewable energy, specifically as the preferred location for operations and maintenance services to the offshore wind industry.

Despite these financially challenging times, we have an ambition to fully unlock the economic growth potential of the area. Our confidence is linked to a number of key assets, in particular, our unique geographic location which connects us to places and markets, together with the aspirations of our people. With the government’s reliance on the private sector to drive growth we recognise the need to provide support to empower our businesses and communities so that they are proactively engaged in helping to develop and deliver this potential. In the true spirit of enterprise, we will work together with our key partners to support, enable and realise these opportunities.

In the context of a changing environment, this Development and Growth Plan sets the strategy to capitalise on our key advantages, creating the right environment to enable business growth, create jobs and enhance the area’s quality of life offer for visitors and residents alike.

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