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A great place to live

Great quality housing

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to know that, on average, house prices in North East Lincolnshire are 55% cheaper than their equivalent’s in other parts of England. So you get much more home for your money. According to the Land Registry, the average house in North East Lincolnshire sold for £117,762 in the last year. It is easy to purchase a quality, character home with 4 bedrooms from as little as £169,950, with more luxurious options available for between £200,000-£300,000.

If you’d prefer to rent a home, you can still expect to pay less. Homes in North East Lincolnshire can be rented for 45% less in comparison to the rest of England, with the average rental price being £455pcm.

Learning Here

There are lots of good and outstanding quality schools in North East Lincolnshire, with a range of providers.

The University Centre, GrimsbyLincoln University and Hull University offer excellent higher education programmes including undergraduate and postgraduate courses and foundation degrees. Lincoln and Hull can be easily reached within an hour and are highly regarded for their exceptional student satisfaction levels, providing students with bright employment prospects.

Meanwhile, at HCF Catch in Stallingborough, there’s some great technical and practical courses to further your opportunities with our local industries.

Quality of life

We have many things to offer you and your family from great schools to fabulous food and amazing homes. The most valuable offer being quality time together.

People who live here save a huge amount of time on their journeys. With housing and living costs considerably lower than others towns, funds stretch that bit further. Choosing to live here can literally change your life, it means you’ll have more time and money to spend with the people you love on the things you love.

When you look for a home in North East Lincolnshire, you can expect picturesque surroundings, friendly neighbours and an abundance of opportunities on your doorstep.

With options of countryside, town living, or living by the coast, North East Lincolnshire has it all.


We know that finding the right care in a new area can be daunting, but you can rest assured that whether you are looking for NHS services or private care, a variety of local amenities are readily available in North East Lincolnshire.

We provide a wide choice of health care facilities within a broad range of medical, pharmaceutical and dental services, including high quality hospital care, doctor’s surgeries, dental practices, medical centres and pharmacies.

Our main NHS hospital, Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, is located in Grimsby. HMT St Hugh’s is another highly regarded hospital offering private care and services.

For a full list of local health options in your area, visit