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Business grants update – 17 April

2:32 pm, Friday, 17th April 2020

So far, more than 1500 eligible small businesses in North East Lincolnshire have received government grants worth a total of nearly £17.5 million to date (figures at 17/4). And the team is working hard to process other requests for grant support that have been received as quickly as possible.

Most of these grants have been paid within days of receiving the information, but there are some more complex cases that are taking longer to process because of the need to check the information provided.

Examples of where delays are occurring include:

  • where the information submitted does not match up with the information on other systems, for example, where a company may have changed the use of part of its premises but this hasn’t been updated on other systems – for these, we are having to investigate and seek clarification from the Valuation Office in some cases
  • Where a company should have been eligible for Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR), but hasn’t claimed for it.

Cllr Philip Jackson, leader of the Council, said: “Overall, we think that around 3000 businesses in North East Lincolnshire should be eligible for these grants, but there are some cases where it is clearly not straight forward and obviously taking longer. I’d ask that businesses bear with the team while they work through these cases. This is being done as quickly as possible.”

If you have submitted your information and are still waiting for a response, please do not call for updates. The team is contacting businesses if anything needs to be clarified, and every business that submitted information will be contacted either with a remittance, or with an email to say that they are not eligible, and the reasons.

“We understand the need for the money to be paid out as soon as possible,” Cllr Jackson continued, “But must take some time to consider these more complex cases and make sure that the right money is paid out to the right people. What we don’t want to do is pay money to those who aren’t eligible, meaning that those who should get the money may not.”

If you aren’t sure about what measures are available to help your business, or talk through options, email in the first instance to arrange a call back from one of the advisors. Someone will call you back to discuss your queries, and make sure you find the information and support you need to make the decisions that are best for your business.

Around 3000 businesses currently in receipt of Small Business Rate Relief or Rural Rate Relief are eligible for this support in the area, and are being invited to submit their information in order to access the grants.

A simple online form needs to be submitted in the first instance – available on – in the “Business grants and support” section. The Council will then check eligibility and distribute grants as soon as it possibly can.

If you need additional general information about other council services, visit in the first instance.