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North East Lincolnshire is an area of much diversity and opportunity offering significant future potential. This includes large areas of developable land that can support sector growth and investment. The borough sits on the East Coast of England at the mouth of the Humber Estuary, an important global gateway. The Port of Immingham and Grimsby, the largest port complex in the country and the fourth largest in Europe, is of international trading significance.

Chemicals, manufacturing, port activities and food processing have formed the main economic base of the borough since the decline of the fishing industry in the 1970s. The area has also now emerged as a key location for renewable energy, specifically as the preferred location for operations and maintenance services to the offshore wind industry.

We have the ambition to fully unlock the economic growth potential of the area. Our confidence is linked to a number of key assets, in particular, our unique geographic location which connects us to places and markets, together with the aspirations of our people. With the government’s reliance on the private sector to drive growth we recognise the need to provide support to empower our businesses and communities so that they are proactively engaged in helping to develop and deliver this potential. In the true spirit of enterprise, we will work together with our key partners to support, enable and realise these opportunities.

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Once the world’s largest fishing port, Grimsby is today a thriving modern town offering excellent facilities for education, shopping, leisure, and work.

As well as being synonymous with the food industry and known as ‘Europe’s Food Town’, Grimsby is now at the heart of the offshore wind industry and home to the best offshore wind operations and maintenance (O&M) hub in the world.

Thousands of people are employed by around 500 food-related businesses, ranging from the modernised fish docks and market through to the global headquarters of major food brands like Young’s.

Beyond food, the rise of new industries, such as those supporting renewable energy are helping to create a diversified and prosperous economy.

Grimsby is undergoing a radical transformation as part of a 25-year vision for the town, including the recently completed £6million town centre regeneration project, key developments on the docks, and exciting leisure developments in the town centre and beyond.

Famous landmarks and rich history characterise Grimsby. A Scandinavian called Grim made these shores his home beginning centuries of prosperity and growth. Proudly dominating the local skyline in celebration of the town’s fishing heritage is the 309 feet tall Dock Tower, which was modelled on Palazzo Publico in Siena, Italy.

New developments and major improvements to the town centre are creating quality surroundings and rejuvenating the historic waterside and docks for everyone’s enjoyment.

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Famous for its five miles of golden sands, historic pier, beautiful promenade and holiday resorts, Cleethorpes is undergoing a renaissance.

The town has seen new investment and developments making it an even more attractive place to live, work and visit.

You can go paddleboarding or kite surfing or just drift through the sand dunes along the ever-changing Humber Estuary. This haven for nature lovers is part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest and coastal nature reserve.

Shopping and family fun are key to the town of Cleethorpes – including a host of attractions such as boutique Sea View Street shopping area and an events arena capable of hosting national events.

Cleethorpes has won a host of awards including blue flag and quality coast awards for its beaches.

Millions of people visit North East Lincolnshire each year, bringing with them a visitor economy worth in the region of £640 million (STEAM report, published 2019).

The town is undergoing wide-ranging improvements that will include the creation of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Cleethorpes has the right ingredients to become an enterprising town that attracts forward-thinking people.

Immingham is a major business location with the UK’s largest port per tonnage and a unique history.

Well known for the industrial sites around the port, the town is a busy, 24/7 logistics hub; a centre for the process industries and a growing focal point for renewable energy companies.

The Port of Immingham handles around 46 million tonnes of cargo each year. With river and in-dock deep-water facilities and easy access to the major trade routes, Immingham is less than 24 hours from a European market of 170 million people.

The international significance of Immingham can be traced back more than 400 years. It was the initial departure point in July 1608 for the Pilgrim Fathers, who fled to the Netherlands, and then on to America.

With thousands of goods being imported and exported through Immingham each day, the town has a special place in the success of global industries ranging from automotive through to energy.

A Great Place to Live

Great quality housing

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that, on average, house prices in North East Lincolnshire are 54% cheaper than their equivalent’s in other parts of England.

According to the Land Registry, the average house in North East Lincolnshire sold for £151,078 in 2022.

Neighbouring the key towns are many idyllic locations providing more luxurious options in the housing market. The average price of detached properties in North East Lincolnshire is £312,287.

If you’d prefer to rent a home, you can still expect to pay less. Homes in North East Lincolnshire can be rented for 38% less in comparison to the national average, with the average rental price being £525pcm (October 2022 – September 2023).

Learning Here

There are lots of good and outstanding quality schools in North East Lincolnshire, with a range of providers.

The University Centre Grimsby, Lincoln University and Hull University offer excellent higher education programmes including undergraduate and postgraduate courses and foundation degrees.

Lincoln and Hull can be easily reached within an hour and are highly regarded for their exceptional student satisfaction levels, providing students with bright employment prospects.

Meanwhile, at HCF Catch and HETA in Stallingborough, there’s some great technical and practical courses to further your opportunities with our local industries.

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