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South Humber Industrial Investment Programme

Britain’s Best Industrial Base

SHIIP (South Humber Industrial Investment Programme) is an ambitious £33-million project, which represents the largest such investment of its kind ever made in North East Lincolnshire. Work is already progressing well to transform vast areas of land along the South Humber bank into highly attractive areas where business and industry will want to invest.

The decade-long project, managed by North East Lincolnshire Council’s regeneration partners EQUANS, is best broken down into three main areas:

Development sites: The focus here is the creation of the ‘ready-made’ Pioneer Business Park and another five Enterprise Zones along the South Humber Bank. Together the area is 189 hectares (467 acres).

The new Humber Link Road: To open-up the Enterprise Zones that fall within SHIIP, there is a need for improved highway infrastructure between the Port of Immingham and Grimsby. This need is being satisfied by the completed construction of the new £8-million road.

Ecological Mitigation project – the jewel in SHIIP’s crown and a European first: Once complete this part of SHIIP gives North East Lincolnshire a major competitive advantage when trying to attract new business and industry to the South Humber bank. This, the largest single mitigation project of its kind to take place in Europe, provides a unique opportunity for businesses to make their plans, knowing that the appropriate amount of land has already been offset to mitigate the effect of their build on the local habitat and wildlife.

The whole: 120ha of strategic mitigation land; 2.5km of new adoptable highway; 489,000sqm built floor space; 195ha of developable land 60ha of which is serviced.

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The South Humber programme has been co-funded through the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and North East Lincolnshire Council.