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Once the world’s largest fishing port, Grimsby is today a thriving modern town offering excellent facilities for education, shopping, leisure and work.

As well as being synonymous with the food industry and known as ‘Europe’s Food Town’, Grimsby is now at the heart of the offshore wind industry for those companies servicing the Southern North Sea.

Thousands of people are employed by around 500 food-related businesses, ranging from the modernised fish docks and market through to the global headquarters of major food brands like Young’s.

Beyond food, the rise of new industries, such as those supporting offshore renewable energy are helping to create a diversified and prosperous economy.

Grimsby is undergoing a radical transformation as part of a 25-year vision for the town, including the recently completed £6million town centre regeneration project, key developments on the docks, and exciting leisure developments in the town centre and beyond.

Famous landmarks and rich history characterise Grimsby. A Scandinavian called Grim made these shores his home beginning centuries of prosperity and growth. Proudly dominating the local skyline in celebration of the town’s fishing heritage is the 309 feet tall Dock Tower, which was modelled on Palazzo Publico in Siena, Italy.

New developments and major improvements to the town centre are creating quality surroundings and rejuvenating the historic waterside and docks for everyone’s enjoyment.