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Immingham is major business location with the UK’s largest port and a unique history.

Well known for the industrial sites around the port, the town is a busy, 24/7 logistics hub; a centre for the process industries and a growing focal point for renewable energy companies.

The Port of Immingham handles around 46 million tonnes of cargo each year. With river and in-dock deep-water facilities and easy access to the major trade routes, Immingham is less than 24 hours from a European market of 170 million people.

The international significance of Immingham can be traced back more than 400 years. It was the initial departure point in July 1608 for the Pilgrim Fathers, who fled to the Netherlands, and then on to America.

With thousands of goods being imported and exported through Immingham each day, the town has a special place in the success of global industries ranging from automotive through to energy.