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St James House

E-Factor is excited to have the opportunity to bring St James House back to life. Located in the Minster in the heart of the town, this is the ideal place to provide local businesses with a town centre location where they can take full advantage of the regeneration now taking place.

As ever, with ‘easy in, easy out rents’ and wrap around business support where requested, the building will soon be home to hundreds of local business people. With the arches converted into business units, a variety of small and medium offices and a number of ‘hot desks’ in a vibrant co-working space, it won’t be long before  St James square is once again teeming with life.

One of the floors will serve as the new and expanded HQ for the Business Hive Club and its 300+ members. In addition, there will be a choice of equipped meeting and rooms along with a business event space for conferences and exhibitions.

There is already a great deal of interest from businesses and organisations eager to be part of this modern town centre business space, as keen as we are it seems, to be part of the positive future of our town centre.

This £2.5M conversion will be completed in late spring next year.

For enquiries about the business space, contact E-Factor: