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Advanced manufacturing

South Humber is emerging as a significant UK ‘challenger location’ for expanding advanced manufacturing companies.

Location advantages for manufacturers
Data relating to key location choice factors for manufacturing companies  highlight South Humber’s fundamental strengths as an advanced manufacturing location.

The area’s combination of fast access to UK and international markets, a large manufacturing and ‘skilled technical’ workforce, significant labour and property cost savings and available, incentivised industrial sites positions South Humber strongly versus the UK’s established centres of advanced manufacturing.

We can offer:

  • Access by road to England’s major manufacturing locations within 1 HGV driver shift (4.5 hours)
  • Direct port access, enabling sea freight connectivity to European and global markets
  • Fully serviced, development-ready, enterprise zone sites with large industrial power supplies
  • Engineering research, education and training from Grimsby Institute and the University of Hull