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Scaffolding goes up at Corporation Bridge

10:27 am, Tuesday, 20th June 2023

Scaffolding is currently being erected at Corporation Bridge to provide access to the underside and harder to reach areas of the bridge in a safe and controlled manner.

This then allows the grit blasting, detailed inspections, and painting of the bridge.

The scaffolding enables Spencer Group to perform contained grit blasting, a robust cleaning process used to prepare the bridge’s surface for repainting.

Grit blasting removes existing rust, old paint, and contaminants, providing a clean slate for the new paint. This not only enhances the bridge’s aesthetic appeal but also adds another layer of protection against environmental elements.

The new paint is not just an aesthetic measure, but also a critical part of the bridge’s maintenance. The appropriate coating provides an additional layer of protection against weather conditions and other external factors, significantly extending the structure’s lifespan.

The erection of the scaffolding marks the beginning of a comprehensive process of structural repairs, cleaning, and repainting – all aimed at ensuring the safety, longevity, and visual appeal of Corporation Bridge.

The scaffolding will be erected and dismantled in phases.