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Stallingborough site gearing up for business

11:14 am, Friday, 6th September 2019

THE next phase of work to unlock acres of prime development land, part of a multi-million-pound project to create thousands of jobs in North East Lincolnshire while protecting unique wildlife habitat areas, has been approved.

This latest work, at the Stallingborough junction of the A180 running alongside both sides of the A1173, is part of the overarching SHIIP (South Humber Industrial Investment Programme) and involves the infrastructure needed to open up 64ha of farmland, creating an industrial and business park with a potential to employ 4,000 people.  And, reveals North East Lincolnshire Council Regeneration Lead, Cllr John Fenty, interest is already being registered by businesses looking for relocation opportunities.

The strategic site, currently open farmland at the Stallingborough junction, is set to become a business park, with attractive financial incentives for future investors. This project has been supported with £2.6m from the Government’s Local Growth Fund, secured by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and part of the Government’s commitment to the Northern Powerhouse.

Over the next decade, with grant-funding secured, the SHIIP programme has already, or is, carrying out significant highway infrastructure, utilities, water and drainage work and as investors come onto the site, additional works to create the buildings. Running alongside is one of the largest ecological mitigation projects in Europe, with 120 hectares of quality habit developed in co-ordination with Natural England and the RSPB. Such work is a major incentive for investors.

Major utilities are now being brought to the site, with a new electricity feed from the Immingham area and as part of the next phase, approved by North East Lincolnshire’s Cabinet, a new estimated foul water pumping station and rising main will be located at CATCH site.

Meanwhile, a new link road is being built between Grimsby and Immingham which will help to alleviate traffic on the A180.  In order to provide the best access to both sides of the site, a new roundabout and access roads will be built on the A1173 between the A180 interchange and the Kiln Lane roundabout near CATCH.

Cllr John Fenty, Cabinet member for regeneration, said: “South of the Humber Estuary is a great place to invest in, having abundant prime development land. This land is serviced and enabled for fast track delivery by a forward-thinking council.

“The site itself is close to the port of Immingham, and locally, there’s uncongested road links and a skilled technical workforce close at hand.

“Once units are built there, they could be home to thousands of jobs for people from our area. We are doing everything we can to encourage investment in the site at Stallingborough – making it as attractive as we can for potential investors in terms of creating an “oven-ready” site.

“We already have interest in the site, and are pursuing a number of active enquiries.”

Lord Chris Haskins, Chair of the Humber LEP, said: “We are really pleased that the North East Lincolnshire Cabinet has agreed to further development of the Stallingborough investment site.

“This south bank location has many advantages and there are opportunities for it to grow into a thriving business park, especially with this commitment to future investment and agreed infrastructure improvements.

“This site has the potential to create thousands of jobs for Humber residents as businesses move on to the site and we are very proud the Local Growth Fund has helped to support improved employment prospects for the region.”

CR Reynolds Ltd will undertake the contract works, which are due to start on site early in 2020 and will take around 13 months to complete.