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Think Cleethorpes Draft Masterplan

6:07 pm, Monday, 28th February 2022

More than 2700 people took part in the Think Cleethorpes Masterplan survey, and it’s now heading into the democratic process prior to adoption by North East Lincolnshire Council.

“The beauty of Cleethorpes is the town’s varied seafront offer and its independent traders,” said Wayne Hemingway MBE, who is leading the design team. “With more than 4 miles of beautiful beaches, there’s so much you can do. There’s really something for everyone, but what we’ve designed really has to fit in the natural environment.”

The draft plan, which includes a range of concept ideas, is relevant for the next 10 years, and shows how Cleethorpes could change to appeal to people living in the resort, and those visiting with development opportunities and visitor attraction at its heart.

“From those looking for a truly brilliant place to live, to set up business, to those who want some down time and checking out the natural environment, Cleethorpes has opportunity for all,” explained Wayne.

“The Victorian Heritage is at the heart of this wonderful resort, but with the Site of Special Scientific Interest and the different spaces, we’ve been able to incorporate a number of different elements into our thinking. But none of this could have been done without the amazing amount of time that people took to think about Cleethorpes and give us their views.”

Thousands of people took part in the survey, spending more than 1000 hours over 6 weeks in what is probably the largest and most in depth survey ever undertaken in Cleethorpes.

“The draft Masterplan has been derived from the great themes that came out of that engagement process,” said Wayne. “We’ve spent hundreds of hours refining it, bringing in things that people wanted to see, and the visions that residents, business owners and visitors have for parts of the resort.”

The draft plan will be heard by the Scrutiny Panel on 10 March, with final comments being incorporated into the document ahead of the Special Cabinet meeting on 16 March, where it’s hoped that the plan will be adopted.

Although the draft Masterplan covers concept ideas and options for development, the projects aren’t set in stone. This is a framework with identified projects that will help Cleethorpes become more attractive to a wider population, alongside recommendations for infrastructure development to support the projects.

Four character areas that have been identified in the draft Masterplan:

– North Promenade: the vision is for this area to become a vibrant sustainable sea front destination with a progressive unique character, where there are many things to see and do including, independent businesses, cultural activities, and overnight accommodation in zero-carbon beachfront cabins.

– Central Prom and Pier Gardens: this area is to retain and enhance the Victorian heritage but evolve to meet the needs of a modern-day family, including more family friendly activities.

– Cleethorpes town centre:  develop a “loop” from the prom through Market Place to St Peter’s Avenue to Sea View Quarter and Alexandra Road.  Make changes to reintroduce a functioning market square that can accommodate amongst other things, food festivals and markets. Make sure that there is a recognisable ring of opportunity around the retail “loop” which effectively creates a town centre “promenade” to support the town centre traders.

South Beach:  this area is a natural jewel, but it offers light touch development opportunities, such as renewed beach huts, improved access and pathways, and low-impact activities that can offer health and well-being activities to a wider range of people.

Once the draft Masterplan has been adopted, projects identified will be worked on, and involve more rounds of engaging with the public and key stakeholders about their views on specific elements. This will be your opportunity to be an integral part of the consultation.

To view the draft plan, visit the Council’s website.