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White Palm at planning committee next week

10:30 am, Monday, 24th February 2020

Members of the planning committee are set to discuss the “White Palm” public art at the next meeting in March.

News of the proposed structure was released last summer, along with three other elements of public art destined for the North Prom in Cleethorpes.

In conjunction with wider works in the resort, the North Prom area was awarded a grant from the Coastal Communities Fund, secured by CoastNEL and North East Lincolnshire Council, specifically to improve the arts and culture offer, help extend the traditional tourism season, increase footfall in the area and encourage people to spend money with local businesses.

The White Palm has been designed by Wolfgang Weileder as a striking 22m (72ft) tall white artificial palm tree and black paving that reflects its shadow at noon.

The shadow underneath the White Palm would be partly made from recycled, non-organic material collected from Cleethorpes’ beaches, and at night, The White Palm would be illuminated.

If approved, the sculpture is due to be erected at the end of the Wonderland building on the North Prom, hopefully encouraging more people to walk down the prom and be rewarded for their effort.

The site was chosen as it is near to the area of the Humber that covers a petrified forest. The artist commented that whilst it is a nod to the past in terms of the forest, it is also a warning for the future: if climate warming continues, palm trees might become a common sight on our coastline.

The first few elements of the visual gallery have already been installed with more to follow, and the other elements of the programme, new illuminations and fitness street furniture are due to be installed later this year.